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Gun Smith
We have a certified Glock and AR-15(M4) Armorer on site for cleaning, repair and customization.


Security Audits

Former U.S. Attorney General Griffin Bell once said less than 1% of the population is of the criminal mindset, yet it dictates how the rest live.  How true! 
security auditBut, just how safe are you?  Is your home safe?  How about where you work? Firepower Tactical believes knowing is half the battle.  That’s why we offer security audits of your home, your place of business, your house of worship.  Our audits are comprehensive and supply you with the information you need to make informed decisions.  We do not sell anything, push any products or receive gratuities of any sort via our security audits.  Our goal is to make you and your loved ones safer than you are today.
We only need a small amount of your time to complete the audit and will submit a thorough report to you in a timely and secure manner.  What you do with the information is yours and yours alone.
Contact Alison today for scheduling and pricing.  Heck, the phone call is free and the audit results are priceless.