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The real power of our simulator system is its effectiveness as a training tool for the use of firearms in self defense and the protection of others in a safe environment where no live-fire occurs.

We offer training classes ranging from the very basic to advanced tactical. You can look at the list of classes available HERE.

Our simulator uses realistic feeling weapons as gun range roanokewell as live video interactive targets and scenarios that effectively teach and maintain marksmanship skills, judgmental training, concealed carry, less lethal and general weapons familiarization skills.

Our trainees say the simulation feels just like the real thing.

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Our experienced instructors will arm you with the most up to date knowledge and techniques. You can learn about our lead instructor Wes Boozer HERE.

While our simulator system can be fun and entertaining for the casual user, it is not a toy. We use simulated Glock handguns and AR15(M4) rifles that are designed to look, feel and operate just as their real life counter-parts.

gun training class active shooter classroom theaterThis is the best training of its kind available today!

Click any of the images on this page to watch a video sample of these various training simulations.

Click HERE to view our list of training classes.