Ti Simulator Curriculum

Lesson plans unique to the Ti Simulator platform are being sold by FirePower Tactical, LLC. Practical Defensive Handgun Lesson Plans 1-8 include an Instructor’s Training Manual, Sample Release Form, Briefing Placard, and other supporting materials. The curriculum is designed to build one lesson plan upon the previous lesson. This is an all-inclusive, turnkey teaching platform. It will inspire your clients to return and hone their skills, thus spending more time and money with your business.

Make no mistake: the simulator is only half the equation. This curriculum is client-centric. The course of instruction is challenging and geared toward instilling skills and techniques that will provide a foundation for a client to survive a self-defense encounter. The lesson plans stress handgun safety at all times. This is a dynamic experience centered around your Ti Simulator and not a series of lectures. Lesson Plan 1 has been accredited for training hours by the Peace Officer’s Standards and Training Council of South Carolina.

The Practical Defensive Handgun Series was developed and designed by Wes Boozer over a two-year period utilizing the Ti Simulator. Wes has over 17 years of experience in law enforcement and three years as a Chief Investigator with a District Attorney’s Office. Wes also trained at Blackwater, now known as The Academi, in North Carolina with specialized military and international counter-terrorism units. Lesson Plan 1 has been recognized by the Police Officer’s Standards and Training Council of South Carolina for training.

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This is good stuff! – Dr. Bob O.
The course, taught by Wes, is absolutely, positively, without reservation mandatory. – Dr. Gene C.
I was buzzing from the experience for a few hours! – Stacie F., RN
I believe strongly in the program and it has given me confidence. – Dennis T., Entertainer